About Us

In the last 6 years, Channel Focus Channel Executive Council has grown to be the most powerful group of Channel Leaders in the IT/Telecom industries. To expand our mission of giving Channel leaders a trusted environment to discuss trends, obstacles, and thoughts unique to their level, Channel Executive Council has expanded to Europe, with the launch of Channel Executive Council EMEA in 2023. 

Channel Executive Council and Channel Executive Council EMEA members are a mix of Channel Leaders from both established and newer disruptive companies from the IT/Telecom industries. Each group bring together 50 of the most important Channel Leaders of the IT/Telecom industries. This influential community debates, provides answers and forms an industry consensus on the future of the channels in an environment that is unique for high-level channel executives. 

Exclusive Club – Invitation Only

Channel Focus Channel Executive Council and Channel Executive Council EMEA memberships are by invitation only. Only 50 places are available, and a limited number of invitations are sent to carefully selected VPs of global or regional channel sales in the IT/Telecom industries. Club members were carefully selected to ensure they represent a broad spectrum of established and rapidly growing companies in their industries. Channel Executive Council and Channel Executive Council EMEA members are willing to contribute to the environment that is driving Channel thought leadership.

Membership Activities

Members of each group have access to a mix of online and in-person resources to enable them to build relationships, network, and enjoy a truly trusted environment that helps all members develop a more powerful and successful Channel strategy. 

Regular Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings take place via Zoom and occur bimonthly. These meetings allow members to discuss the most important Channel issues and trends, as well as providing an environment for building relationships and keeping in touch with other members. 

These are 90-minute virtual meetings that members can utilize to tackle the current issues. The meetings provide members with up-to-date information on key Channel trends and opportunities. 

Members also have the opportunity to give presentations on new Channel developments they are leading in their organization and hear live feedback from fellow members. 


Members with similar backgrounds or expertise may form sub-groups to discuss, learn from each other, and work on key industry issues and help develop best practices in addressing these channel issues. 

Channel Executive Council Retreats

Channel Executive Council and Channel Executive Council EMEA each have twice yearly retreats, exclusive only to members. These two-day events take place in luxurious and beautiful venues across the world. Retreats are a mix of thought-provoking presentations, professionally led roundtables, insightful debates, and networking opportunities for all members, with opportunities for relationship building activities. 

Channel Executive Council and Channel Executive Council EMEA retreats are designed to give real answers on key questions based on input from top Channel Leaders. The retreats are much more than just Channel discussions – they help shape conclusions that enable participants to drive their businesses forward to new heights.